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Unfortunately, incidents do happen. Luckily, we can help both avoid incidents and help you recover.

The Expert Pro’s experienced team of specialists will help you restore your IT infrastructure. Our experience in designing and operating fault-tolerant infrastructures will help restore the availability of information.

Free your IT resources from downtime – our specialists resolve incidents quickly and successfully.

The service is provided one-time if you are not our Customer. The service is included by default in our responsibilities when providing technical support to the Customer.

Not every incident’s consequences of can be avoided. When a critical incident has already occurred, the main factor influencing the time and completeness of recovery is the sophistication and controllability of the infrastructure.

Have you had a critical incident and are you still reading this text? Call us urgently!

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Implemented IT projects:

Protected: Implementation of MedTech solutions for telemedicine using video conferencing systems.
Protected: Formation of specification of requirements for modification of the MedAdvise medical information system.
Protected: Building a distributed disaster-resistant infrastructure of the “National Geo-Information System” of the Republic of Uzbekistan.