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One of the most important aspects of information security is the level of awareness of people who own or handle confidential information.

Information security must begin with understanding of what we are protecting and from what. Based on this understanding, regulations and procedures are created that are an integral part of the Information Security Policy which sets forth the fundamental methods for protecting information in the organization. Information security procedures and processes regulated by the Policy allow Organizations to reduce the likelihood of incidents related to human factors, enhance the culture aimed at data security in the Organization, and also determine technical methods for protecting information.

An ISMS is an information security management system. It is a set of measures, procedures and tools aimed at ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in the organization’s information systems. An important part of the information security management system is the establishment of information security policy, identification of vulnerabilities, development and implementation of appropriate information protection measures, and training of personnel in information security issues.

An ISMS also includes processes for monitoring, analyzing information security incidents, and continuous improvement of the protection system. An effective information security management system helps minimize the risks of information security breaches within the organization and ensures compliance with legislative requirements in the field of data protection.

Expert Pro’s experience can help you develop an ISMS in accordance with regulatory requirements and international practices, such as:

It is also worth emphasizing that simply having an ISMS on paper does not guarantee a high level of information security. For full functioning, it is necessary to provide appropriate technical means, establish processes and constantly raise employee awareness, with which our team can also help.

Introduction of ISMS is an important step in ensuring reliable protection of the confidentiality and integrity of your information. This process will help your organization effectively manage information security risks and reduce the potential for threats and breaches.


Don’t leave important information without proper protection. Contact us today and start introduction of information security management system to ensure your organization is reliably protected from threats and information security breaches.

The presence and attitude to ISMS can be used to judge the level of IS maturity in an organization. What is the level of IS maturity at your enterprise?

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Implemented information security projects:

Protected: Technical support of IT infrastructure.
Protected: Information security survey and vulnerability scanning
Protected: Information security survey, development of ISMS documentation and processes