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By covering the needs and functions of business, we are useful to companies and their specialists:

CFO (Chef Financial Officer)

Reducing financial risks and losses associated with incidents affecting the integrity, availability or confidentiality of data.

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Professional technical support 24/7 with the ability to quickly replace failed equipment components and periodically check the system for integrity and safety.

CIO (Chief Information Offiсer)

Beneficial delegation of infrastructure and security management in accordance with best practices. The ability to use third-party competencies and experience to improve the qualifications of in-house specialists.

CDTO (Chief Digital Transformation Officer)

We serve as a reliable partner in the automation and digitalization of business processes. Using our own expertise and international practices, we help achieve the company’s goals.

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Reducing the cost of maintaining an IT department. Reduce the risk of financial and reputational losses by applying best practices to avoid incidents.

CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

A highly qualified team of specialists possessing the necessary set of knowledge and skills, confirmed by international certificates. The ability to ensure the reliability and fault tolerance of the infrastructure in accordance with target indicators.

CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

We undertake full or partial protection of cybersecurity equipment. We minimize the risks of unauthorized penetration and internal threats, taking into account the latest cyber challenges.

Which industries benefit most from the support of a reliable IT service provider?

Banking and financial services

Oil and gas producing enterprises


Telecom and media

Industrial and metallurgical enterprises

Air transportation


Governmental administration


Insurance companies