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Just as your motor car needs maintenance, your infrastructure needs periodic qualified maintenance.

The IT infrastructure ensures data integrity and availability. To ensure the safety of information, the personnel involved in the technical support of your infrastructure must be professional and competent.

Expert Pro’s team of technical specialists provides highly professional technical support for the IT infrastructure (or its parts) in accordance with ITSM practices.

We can provide professional service:

Our technical support services include:

  • Periodic preventive maintenance works. Our specialists check systems at least once a month. As a result of preventive maintenance, it is possible to detect problems in the operation of an IT infrastructure in advance and respond in a timely manner to avoid possible incidents.
  • Service upon request. Serve to make necessary changes. Works can be performed either at the initiative of the Customer or as a result of preventive maintenance.
  • Resolving incidents. Incident resolving is the basis of technical support. Any events that may affect the availability or integrity of data are addressed by us with the highest priority 24x7x365.

Before performing the services, we conduct a basic survey of a serviced subsystems and develop an action plan aimed at improving the operation of the infrastructure.

In addition, our equipment technical support services can be extended to delegating post-warranty service functions to us. As part of post-warranty service, we can provide prompt replacement of failed hardware components in accordance with the SLA. As part of technical support, you delegate to us both full and partial management of your IT infrastructure and can be confident in the reliability of the subsystems entrusted to us.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We guarantee and maintain a high level of service

For us, SLA is the most important criterion that allows us to objectively assess the level of services provided. We make sure to sign a service level agreement and are ready to provide timely response 24x7x365.

We are moving towards proactive services and will soon present you with new opportunities for our technical support.

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Implemented IT projects:

Protected: Formation of specification of requirements for modification of the MedAdvise medical information system.
Protected: Building a fault-tolerant infrastructure and migration of information systems.
Protected: Technical support o IT infrastructure.