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Optimize and automate business processes.

Selection and implementation of optimal solutions for automating business processes:

1) Introduction of CRM system

We optimize and automate business processes.

The goal of any automation is to reduce the cost of maintaining repeatable processes through technological solutions. Automation is necessary for any business; without this ingredient, the sales department will not be effective, and the results will be inconsistent. Those who want to scale their business need automation first.

The most famous example of automation is a CRM system based on Creatio TerraSoft, which allows you to control the execution of tasks, ensure competent processing of all requests and, as a result, increase conversion, and therefore profit. We customize the CRM system for the tasks of a particular business, making the interaction process convenient and efficient.

2) Introduction of BPM system

Studying the specifics of the company’s activities and business processes, identifying bottlenecks in existing solutions help to form a work model that is close to ideal.

BPM system (Business Process Management System) is a business process management system that helps to implement the concept of process management in the actual practice of companies. A BPM system allows to model company processes and automate their execution. It provides the ability to monitor work at all stages and quickly make improvements. BPM systems help in managing the variety of business processes (BP) existing in an enterprise. With their help, visual graphic diagrams are created, operational information and accumulated data are analyzed to improve and optimize activities. The key goal of BPM is to improve the management and performance of the company as a whole.

The BPM system allows to flexibly configure the work of the ENTIRE company on a single platform. We use the best BPM systems available on the world market:

3) Introduction of EDMS

We are improving the organization’s document management system (EDMS) using modern solutions from Directum.

Electronic document management systems (EDMS) ensure the movement of documents from the moment they are created or received until the completion of execution or dispatch, as well as the preparation, execution, coordination, and control of fulfillment of documents by structural divisions.

Is it worth introducing EDMS?

The implementation of electronic document management system provides the following undeniable advantages:

EDMS allows to save money and resources due to:

Thanks to introduction of electronic document management:

Stages of works:


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Implemented automation projects:

Protected: Development and implementation of CRM and Service desk system.
Protected: Consulting on the implementation of service approach at InfinBank.
Protected: Introduction of the service approach and a process model of IT management.